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GSI is recognized as one of the foremost providers of Freight Unloading and Warehouse Associated Services to the Warehousing and Distribution industry.

General Services of Virginia, Inc. is a provider of unloading and warehousing supply chain solutions to the manufacturing and distribution community. Founded in 1991 by our current owner and CEO, George Barlow, GSI has positioned itself as one of the leaders in this service sensitive industry. GSI has assembled a management team with over 95 combined years of experience in the warehousing and distribution industry and currently employs over 500 experienced warehouse professionals operating in 38 warehousing facilities in the United States.

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Providing the highest level of service in the industry is our primary objective. From day one, all levels of our associates are trained to be attentive to your needs and are committed to assisting you with the realization of your objectives. Whether your requirements are productivity, efficiency or expense based, GSI has a service or package of services that will enhance your supply chain distribution capabilities.

Our people make the difference.

GSI utilizes a comprehensive employee recruitment and retention policy that includes thorough background and criminal history checks, initial employment and subsequent random drug testing and an incentive based compensation model for our dock personnel. We have achieved a superior level of consistency in the performance of services that we offer to the marketplace and commit to providing a stable link in any organization's distribution supply chain.

GSI Today

GSI is currently on the exclusive approved supplier lists of US Foodservice, UniPro Foodservice Inc. and the FAB Inc. Member Group, as well as several leading retail distributors in the US.  The technology that we utilize has recently been recognized by Cisco Systems as an Award Winner of Excellence. Our Safety and Risk Management Program is recognized as a model program by a relevant sector of the insurance community, as evidenced by one of the lowest NCCI Workmans Compensation ratings in our industry.

GSI is committed to providing the types of services that the Warehousing and Distribution Industry require and the quality of service that confirms industry recognition of GSI as one of the leading providers of services to distribution organizations in the market today.

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