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GSI takes the health and welfare of its employees, as well as those of our customers, very seriously.  GSI has developed a Safety and Risk Management Program which ensures that all GSI employees utilize the most effective Health and Safety practices each and every day.

Our aim is to establish the safest, most efficient workplace for our employees and yours.

The objective of the GSI Safety & Risk Management Program is to provide the education, training and follow up required in order to promote a healthful and safe working environment as well as minimize the instance of performance interruption.

GSI employs a full-time Safety & Risk Management Professional who has developed our S&RM Program, including an Occupational Health & Safety Manual designed specifically for the Warehousing & Distribution Associated Services industry.

The GSI Safety & Risk Management Program consists of a safety training regiment which includes instruction in OSHA regulated equipment operation, NIOSH prescribed lifting techniques as well as personal health and safety recommendations, all intended to ensure a safe, efficient and productive workplace.  The principles of the Safety & Risk Management Program are reinforced through such practices as regular safety audits, hazard assessments & evaluations as well as employee interviews and surveys, assuring compliance with program guidelines and subsequent accountability.

At GSI, we recognize that those in the Warehouse & Distribution industry face many safety related challenges. The GSI Safety & Risk Management Program provides solutions by which to address and respond to these challenges. The dedicated approach that we take to safety related issues will assist your organization in your quest for operational excellence.

To learn more about the GSI Safety Program, please go to the “contact us” link and send us a message or place a call to the GSI Sales contact.

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Program Implementation Results:

  • One of the lowest NCCI Workmans Compensation ratings in the industry.
  • Recognition by our insurance carrier as a Best Practice model program, illustrated by the noteworthy mention of our program in their marketing materials.
  • GSI has realized a significant reduction in the Accident Instance Frequency Rate within its workforce.
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